Which of the following plastics can be recycled a electric socket B polythene bag C PVC pipe D ashtray *?

Answer : Polythene bag and PVC pipe are the thermoplastics which can be recycled.

Can electric socket be recycled?

Recycle. Electrical wires and cables contain valuable materials such as copper and aluminum, which are highly recyclable. If you can’t reuse them or find someone else who will use them, take your old wires and cables to the nearest e-waste recycling facility.

Which plastic objects can be recycled?

Here are some of the best and most common plastic items you can recycle:

  • Plastic bottles.
  • Juice and milk cartons.
  • Peanut butter jars.
  • Salad dressing and cooking oil containers.
  • Most cleaning product containers.
  • Bleach and laundry detergent containers.
  • Shampoo and conditioner bottles.
  • Yogurt and butter tubs.

Which of the following plastic objects can not be recycled a electric socket B polythene bag CPVC pipe and ashtray?

and ‘cannot be recycled’. pens, plastic bowls, plastic covering on electrical wires, plastic chairs, electrical switches.

Synthetic Fibres and Plastic | Exercise.

Can be recycled Can be recycled
3. Ball point pens 3. Electrical switches
4. Plastic bowls
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Is PVC pipe recyclable?

PVC, PE and PP pipes are thermoplastics and can be fully recycled.

Which of the following plastic can be recycled * A electric socket B PVC pipes C handles of cooking utensils D ball point pens?

Poly vinyl chloride (PVC) and polythene bags are made of thermoplastics. So they can be recycled.

Can 5 plastic be recycled?

#5 (PP—Polypropylene) is the plastic used in yogurt and cottage cheese containers and the like. If you can’t find any local takers on earth911, you can mail your #5 to a recycler called Preserve, which has an aptly named program called Gimme 5.

Which of the following objects can be recycled?

Green, clear and brown glass bottles and jars. Juice and milk cartons. All hard plastic bottles and containers marked, but no lids please. Steel (tin) and aluminium cans and empty aerosols.

Can carry bags be recycled?

1. Plastic bags and wraps: Plastic bags, as well as some plastic wraps, can be recycled, just not in the curbside bin. In most cases, you have to recycle these items through a store drop off, although some communities allow curbside recycling. Most communities cannot recycle plastics and they end up landfilling them.

How is PVC recycled?

An interesting process, called Vinyloop®, utilize an organic solvent to dissolve PVC composite and separate the PVC from other materials. After filtration, the PVC compound is dried and packaged, while the filtrate is treated and the solvent is recovered and recycled.

How are PVC pipes recycled?

Generally, there are two major ways to recycle PVC industrially. They include mechanical recycling and feedstock recycling. In mechanical recycling, the PVC pipes, which are now essentially waste material, are ground into smaller forms. … The process of feedstock recycling is quite similar.

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Is PVC recyclable us?

PVC is recyclable and provides an outstanding long-term solution for waste management. In fact, PVC is the second most commonly used plastic after polyethylene. Recycling PVC can reduce the amount of virgin PVC manufactured, which reduces its environmental footprint.