Which is better Phoenix Zoo or wildlife zoo?

The Phoenix Zoo is superior to WWZ in many ways; it’s a world class zoo with extremely well maintained exhibits, and a wide variety of exotic animals. That said, it doesn’t have an aquarium, if that is of interest to your kids. They do have various activities during the year; check their website for a schedule.

Is the wildlife zoo bigger than the Phoenix Zoo?

The zoo is huge, much bigger than the Phoenix zoo. This zoo lets you get up close to many of the animals. They have a great assortment of animals.

How long does it take to walk around the wildlife zoo?

With children, it could take a few hours to all day to see everything, go on rides, attend shows, etc. For adults just walking through exhibit areas, the full zoo can be seen in about 2-3 hours. over a year ago.

Does Phoenix have a good zoo?

The Phoenix Zoo is a great place to enjoy nature without your little ones dying of boredom. … The zoo houses a variety of animals, including baboons, Sumatran tigers, Asian elephants, Galápagos tortoises and Komodo dragons.

Where does the Phoenix Zoo rank?

The Phoenix Zoo ranked No. 4 on a new list of the top 10 zoos in the U.S.

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How many zoos does Phoenix have?

In the Phoenix metro area, there are not just one but two great zoos — allowing you and your family to meet more than 7000 different animals and other creatures.

Does the Phoenix Zoo have an aquarium?

With more than 75 indoor exhibits, the aquarium hosts sea life from sharks to stingrays to piranha and sea lions! You’ll be amazed! This exciting display of animal exhibits features giant ectotherms – reptiles that use their environments to control their body temperatures.

How large is the Phoenix Zoo?

Most of the rides are $6 per person, but the carousel is $3.50 per person and the 650-foot long zip line is $15 per person. If interested, guests can buy a membership, which includes free unlimited zoo and aquarium admission all year.

How many zoos are in Arizona?

13 Zoos & Aquariums in Arizona: Map, Photos, + Reviews.