What is one example of a natural climate solution?

NCS are actions that avoid greenhouse gas emissions and increase carbon storage in forests, grassland and wetlands. Well-known examples include forest conservation, restoration and management.

What is a natural solution to the climate crisis?

Among the most important natural climate solutions is protecting “frontier forests”—pristine woodlands that serve as natural carbon sinks. Intact tropical and northern forests, as well as savannas and coastal ecosystems, store huge amounts of carbon accumulated over centuries.

What solution can help climate change?

Changing our main energy sources to clean and renewable energy is the best way to stop using fossil fuels. These include technologies like solar, wind, wave, tidal and geothermal power. Switch to sustainable transport. Petrol and diesel vehicles, planes and ships use fossil fuels.

What is natural climate?

Natural climate solutions (NCS) are proven ways of reducing carbon emissions and storing them in the world’s forests, grasslands and wetlands. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions, such as carbon dioxide (CO2), related to land use.

How do natural climate solutions work?

Natural Climate Solutions draw on the power of nature to help reduce emissions, remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, and store it in natural systems. Every action—or “pathway”—evaluated in the study involve protecting, better managing or restoring nature.

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How could mitigation and adaptation deal with climate change?

Mitigation measures are those actions that are taken to reduce and curb greenhouse gas emissions, while adaptation measures are based on reducing vulnerability to the effects of climate change. Mitigation, therefore, attends to the causes of climate change, while adaptation addresses its impacts.

Why are wetlands natural climate solutions?

For example, beyond carbon sequestration, wetlands provide essential services such as controlling floods, recharging groundwater and maintaining stream flows, filtering pollutants, and reducing erosion.

What is the difference between nature-based solutions and natural climate solutions?

The difference is one of emphasis. NCS focuses on solutions that focus primarily on carbon dioxide mitigation while trying to maximize co-benefits. NbS focus on addressing a broader range of societal challenges from food security to disaster risk, including climate change.