What is equatorial climate extension?

Included within the tropical region is the equatorial zone, which is variably defined but most often stated to be the zone extending 3° of latitude on either side of the equator, although an equatorial climate is generally stated to be the climatic type extending 10–12°N and S of the equator (and occurring on low …

What does the equatorial climate support?

Equatorial Climate

The equatorial rainforest supports the greatest biodiversity (number and types of living organisms in an area) on Earth. This is the result of abundant moisture and sunlight.

What is equatorial climate in simple words?

A tropical rainforest climate or equatorial climate is a tropical climate usually found within 10 to 15 degrees latitude of the equator. They experience high mean annual temperatures, small temperature ranges, and rain that falls throughout the year. … A tropical rainforest climate is typically hot, very humid, and wet.

What are the main features of equatorial climate?

wet equatorial climate, major climate type of the Köppen classification characterized by consistently high temperatures (around 30 °C [86 °F]), with plentiful precipitation (150–1,000 cm [59–394 inches]), heavy cloud cover, and high humidity, with very little annual temperature variation.

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Where is equatorial climate?

Location of Equatorial Climate:

Equatorial type of climate, also known as tropical rainforest wet climate or simply Af climate, is located up to 5° to 10° latitudes on either side of the equator (fig. 39.1) but at some places it extends up to 15°-25° latitudes mainly along the eastern margins of the continents.

Where can you find equatorial type of climate?

The equatorial, hot, wet climate is found between 5° and 10° north and south of the equator. Its greatest extent is found in the lowlands of the Amazon, the Congo, Malaysia and the East Indies.

Where does the equatorial region lies?

The equatorial region is located between 5° and 10° latitude on either side of the equator. It stretches in the Amazon lowlands in South America, Congo basin in Africa and the East Indies, from Sumatra to New Guinea. Being located near the equator, it is characterized by high sunshine throughout the year.

Why is equatorial climate hot and wet?

Equatorial region consists of the area around the equator which is at 0 degree latitude. … Option (A ) hot and wet climate throughout the year is correct as these places, due to being close to the equator, have ample sunshine throughout and grow tropical rainforest.

Which type of rainfall is common in equatorial region?

Convectional rainfall is prevalent in equatorial regions.

In these, the warm air rises up and expands then, reaches a cooler layer and saturates, then condenses mainly in the form of cumulus or cumulonimbus clouds.

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What kind of human settlement in the equatorial region?

Equatorial Rainforests.

moreover the area is covered with dense forests. so the area is not good for human settlement as it is not feasible to build roads, and buildings. It is inhabited by tribal people.