What are the climatic conditions required for rice in India?

(i) It is a Kharif crop that requires a high temperature (above 25 °C). (ii) High humidity with annual rainfall above 100 cm. (iii) In the areas of less rainfall, it grows with the help of irrigation. (iv) It is grown in the plains of north and north-eastern India, coastal areas and the deltaic regions.

What are the climatic conditions required for rice?

Rice crop needs a hot and humid climate. It is best suited to regions which have high humidity, prolonged sunshine and an assured supply of water. The average temperature required throughout the life period of the crop ranges from 21 to 37º C. Maximum temp which the crop can tolerate 400C to 42 0C.

What are the conditions of rice production in India explain?

In India, North and North Eastern states are suitable for rice cultivation. Explanation: For rice cultivation, the humidity level should be high, the temperature should be more than 25 °C and the rainfall should be more than 100 cm. In areas where rainfall level is low, it is cultivated with the help of irrigation.

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What are the different climatic conditions needed to grow rice and wheat?

Temperature of Rice and wheat – Rice grows at a temperature of 20-degree centigrade to 27-degree centigrade and wheat is required at 15.5-degree centigrade. Rain-fall of Rice and Wheat – Rice needs a lot of rain. A minimum rainfall of 115 cm is required for paddy and wheat requires 38 cm to 80 cm rainfall.

What are the requirements for rice production?

Climate Requirements for Rice Farming

Rice is best grown in areas/regions where abundant water supply, prolonged sunshine and high humid condition is available. Temperature between 16 °C and 30 °C is considered best for rice farming.

What are the physical conditions required for the cultivation of rice Class 8?

Rice is a kharif crop which requires high temperature 16°C – 27°C. 2. High levels of humidity and rainfall above 100cm are required. … Rice can grow in variety of soils including stilts, loads, and gravels but it grows well in alluvial soil with a sub – soil of impervious clay.

What are the conditions required for growing rice name any four leading rice producing states of India?

The geographical conditions are:-

  • It grows well in tropical and sub-tropical climate.
  • It requires deep and well drained soil rich in humus.
  • It requires warm and frost free days. …
  • It requires frequent showers evenly distributed throughout the year between 150-250 cm.

Which are the main rice producing states in India describe the geographical condition required for the growth of wheat *?

Rice is grown in Punjab and Haryana with the help of irrigation. (iii) Soil : Rice can grow in a variety of soils including silts, loams and gravels, but it is grown best in alluvial soil with a sub-soil of impervious clay.

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What are the climatic requirements for growing wheat and rice in India?

1 Answer

  • Geographical condition for growing Rice:- Temperature — high temperature above 25° C- and high humidity. …
  • Wheat :-
  • Temperature — It requires cool growing season and bright sunshine at the time of ripening. …
  • Rainfall — 50 to 75 cm annual rainfall.
  • Soil — Alluvial soil.
  • Region — U.P., Haryana, Punjab.

Does rice grow in cold climates?

But rice is a versatile crop, thought to have originated near the Himalayas and grown in cold areas of Japan and China as well as the tropics. Most of the cold-hardy varieties that can withstand lows in the 40s are short-grain, Japanese-style rice.

How much rainfall is required for rice cultivation?

Rice is mainly grown in rain-fed areas that receive heavy annual rainfall. That is why it is fundamentally a kharif crop in India. It demands a temperature of around 25 degrees Celsius and above, and rainfall of more than 100 cm.

What are the climate requirements for wheat?

Growing Conditions

Wheat needs 12 to 15 inches (31 to 38 centimeters) of water to produce a good crop. It grows best when temperatures are warm, from 70° to 75° F (21° to 24° C), but not too hot. Wheat also needs a lot of sunshine, especially when the grains are filling.

Which state produces highest rice in India?

West Bengal is the largest rice producing state in India. Almost half of its arable land is under rice cultivation. In the fiscal year 2016, the state produced about 15.75 million tonnes of rice over 5.46 million hectare cultivable area.

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In which climate wheat is grown?

Wheat crop has wide adaptability. It can be grown not only in the tropical and sub-tropical zones, but also in the temperate zone and the cold tracts of the far north ,beyond even the 60 degree north altitude . Wheat can tolerate severe cold and snow and resume growth with the setting in of warm weather in spring .