Quick Answer: Why does Kanyakumari experience and equitable climate?

(i) Kanyakumari experiences equable climate because it is located near the coast, and there is not much difference between the temperatures during the summer and winter.

Does Kanyakumari experience continental climate?

Kanyakumari is an Indian that experiences the continent climate. … It thus experiences a continental type of climate. While summers are too hot, winters are too cold. Mumbai and Chennai have maritime climate as it is along the shoreline of Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal respectively. …

What is known as equable climate?

Introduction. The term equable climate has been used to describe the global extent of warmth in past climates, which have a reduced equator-to-pole temperature difference (EPTD), warm polar regions with a reduced seasonality and ice free conditions at both poles [1,2].

Why Does Mumbai have an equable climate whereas Nagpur experiences an extreme climate?

Mumbai experiences moderate climate than Delhi bcs Mumbai is situated on coast that’s why cold sea breeze flow in Mumbai and cools the climate whereas Delhi is the interior of the main land and the cool winds become hot while reaching there and Delhi experiences hot climate.

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Which state has an equable climate?

Delhi is the state that has equable climate that has been consider by factors obtaining from moderate climate changes.

Why is Kanyakumari warmer than Chandigarh in winter?

Because Kanyakumari is close to the equator, while Chandigarh is farther away from the equator. The main reason is due to the position of the earth’s pole to the sun. Therefore, the average amount of solar radiation is more in equator (low latitude) than in poles (high latitude).

Is Kanyakumari near the equator?

It is located between Tropic of Cancer and the Equator i.e., in the North of Equator. The latitude of Kanyakumari is 8 degrees north and Tropic of Cancer is 23.5 degrees approximately north to equator.

Which place has an equable climate?

This type of climate is usually found near the sea or coastal areas. The equable climate has a mean annual temperature of 14°C. In India, the equable climate can be found in Mumbai, Chennai, Mangalore, Goa, Kerala.

Which of the following is the best example for experiencing equable climate?

In India the place that experiences equable climate is MUMBAI and PURI.

What is equable climate Class 5?

Equable climate is the climate where periods of roughly equal temperature all of throughout the world. … The annual range of the temperature is low.

Which type of climate is found in Nagpur?

Nagpur has tropical savannah climate (Aw in Köppen climate classification) with dry conditions prevailing for most of the year. It receives about 163 mm of rainfall in June.

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Why Does Mumbai have moderate climate but Delhi has an extreme climate?

Explanation. Mumbai experiences moderate climate because of its tropical location. … Delhi is located in the subcontinent interior, away from the moderating influence of the seas, and hence experiences extreme climate.

Does Nagpur have moderate climate?

The city of Nagpur enjoys a very dry or semi-humid climate throughout the year excepting the monsoon months of June and September. The climate of Nagpur can be broadly divided into three important seasons of summer, winter and monsoon. The Nagpur climate witnesses a very hot weather during the months of summer.

Which of the two station has an equable climate?

iii. Station B has an equable climate because it has low range of temperature.

Which of the following station in India has an equable climate Delhi Nagpur Bikaner Kanyakumari?

Delhi is the right answer.

Which station has equable climate in India?

Answer: Mumbai and puri faces equal and moderate climate during the year..