In what climate does maize grow?

It is a crop of semi-arid climate and is used both as food and fodder. A temperature of 21°C- 27°C and 50-100cm rainfall is suitable for its cultivation. Alternate spells of rains and sunny weather are ideal for maize.

What is the climate and soil requirement of maize?

Maize requires a temperature of 26°C – 300C, rainfall of between 75cm – 1 5ocmper annum and a well-drained sandy loamy soil of pH6-7.

Where does the maize grow?

The predominant maize growing states that contributes more than 80 % of the total maize production are Andhra Pradesh (20.9 %), Karnataka (16.5 %), Rajasthan (9.9 %), Maharashtra (9.1 %), Bihar (8.9 %), Uttar Pradesh (6.1 %), Madhya Pradesh (5.7 %), Himachal Pradesh (4.4 %).

Where is maize grown in South Africa?

South Africa is currently the main maize producer on the African continent with most production concentrated in the North West province, the Free State, the Mpumalanga Highveld and the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands.

Which land is suitable for maize?

The plain regions are most suitable for maize cultivation, because this helps in use of machines. Although, maize is also cultivated on undulating lands as well as on lower slopes of the hills. Maize is also grown as a major crop of shifting cultivation.

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How do you grow maize crops?

Maize is sown in rows, 60-75 cm apart, whereas the plants in the row are spaced at 20 to 25 cm. A population of 60-75 thousand plants per hectare at harvest are required for obtaining the optimum yield. Sowing in rows is generally done with drill or by dropping the seed behind the plough.

What are the climatic requirements of maize and cotton?

It prefers warm and humid climate. Cotton seeds will have a small germination rate, if the soil temperature is below 60°F (15°C). During active growth, the ideal air temperature is 70 to 100°F (21-37°C). Temperatures well above 100°F are not desirable.

In which month does maize grow?

It is a Kharif crop and thus it grows best in the rainy season. In India, the rainy season starts in the month of June and ends in the month of September. Thus, maize is grown from June to September in India.

Where is corn grown in India?

Maize/Corn is largely cultivated crop in north India. Major Maize or Corn growing states are Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, MP, Bihar, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, and Punjab which together account for two-thirds of the total area and output of the crop.

In which soil is maize grown in India?

Soil for Maize Production in India

A soil with pH of 5.5 to 7.0 and a good drainage capacity is preferred for maize cultivation. Loamy sand, black soil and even clayey loam is suitable for maize. Both red soil and alluvial are said to be optimal for growing maize.

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Which province grows both maize and wheat?

Maize is the most important grain crop in South Africa, being both the major feed grain and the staple food for the majority of the population. Agriculture as a sector, together with its downstream activities, contributes 15-16% of the Gross Geographic Product of KwaZulu-Natal.

How does maize grow in South Africa?

While it’s possible for the seeds to grow when the temperature is 10°C, the best conditions are a soil temperature that is between 16°C to 18°C. With a soil temperature of 20°C, the seeds should germinate in five to six days. Frost is a threat to maize farmers.

How long does maize take to grow?

It is also racing against time; maize needs 100 days to grow to full size. The last few days are critical because this is when the plant dries out. But 100 days takes the crop dangerously close to autumn, sudden temperature drops and frost.