Can u recycle razors?

Instead of throwing razors away, collect them at home or request a public bin for your gym, office, or college. Print a shipping label* and send razors collected to TerraCycle for recycling or drop off at the closest public bin.

How do you dispose of razors?

Whether the razorblade is the type used in a shaving razor, safety razor, hobby knife or utility knife, blades must be stored and disposed of with care. Wrap in tape, paper or place in a sharps container and dispose of in the garbage or at a sharps collection location.

Can I recycle my razor?

To recycle the razors, people can sign up through Terracycle, a company known for recycling hard-to-recycle materials, and when they have a shipment ready, download a shipping label and send it in so the materials can be sterilized, shredded, and recycled into products like bike racks, park benches, and pet food bowls.

Can you recycle razors UK?

Gillette and Venus have partnered with international recycling leader TerraCycle to create the UK’s first national razor recycling scheme. As market leaders dedicated to improving sustainability within our category, the recycling programme accepts blades, razors and disposable razors from any brand in the UK.

Are Gillette blades recyclable?

Recycling in partnership with Gillette®, Venus and joy

TerraCycle® and Gillette® have partnered to create a national recycling program for any brand of razors, blades and packaging.

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Can plastic disposable razors be recycled?

All brands of disposable razors, replaceable-blade cartridge units and razor plastic packaging are now recyclable on a national scale.

When should you throw away disposable razors?

Disposable razors are for limited use. In general, they can last three to 10 shaves, but the best indicator it’s time to replace a disposable razor is when the blades become dull. When you’re ready for a new razor blade, you throw away the entire razor and grab a new one.

How do you recycle razor heads?

Once the container is filled with razors, you can bring it to your local recycling center. Additionally, certain pharmacies and drug stores have sharps containers they’ll gladly give you for free. After the safe is filled with used blades, duct tape the container shut and drop it off at the pharmacy or drugstore.

Can you throw razors in the bin?

When throwing away a disposable razor, wrap the blade end in newspaper or paper, secure with a piece of tape and then throw into the normal bin. This prevents the blades from doing any harm. While they might be very convenient, disposable razors aren’t environmentally friendly as the plastic doesn’t break down.

How do I dispose of Gillette razors UK?


  1. COLLECT. Instead of throwing razors away, collect them at home.
  2. ORDER ENVELOPE. Send us your details by clicking ‘start recycling’ below.
  3. SEND. We will send you a free post envelope in 3 weeks to put your blades in and send by Royal Mail. It’s completely free!
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