Why biosphere reserves the best way of wildlife conservation?

Biosphere reserves are the best way of wildlife conservation as the flora and fauna get a good surrounding. They stay in their natural habitat and they are also in an anti-poaching zone.

What is the role of biosphere reserves in conservation?

Biosphere reserves are the protected areas meant for the conservation of plants and animals. It also restores the traditional life of the tribals living in that vicinity. They conserve the biodiversity of that area.

Is biosphere reserve a conservation strategy?

The interest of local inhabitants in biosphere reserves must be preserved and safeguarded, since they constitute the backbone for any environmental conservation strategy.

How does a biosphere reserve help to conserve our natural heritage?

Biosphere reserves conserve genetic resources, species, ecosystems and landscapes without uprooting inhabitants. Rather the traditional life style and traditional resources of the local people are maintained.

What is Biosphere Reserves wildlife?

Biosphere Reserves are areas of biodiversity where not only flora and fauna but human settlements that are closely dependent on the nature for their survival, are protected. In short, it’s a natural habitat where national parks or wildlife sanctuaries along with the buffer zones are protected.

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What is the importance of biosphere reserve what are its objectives?

The major objectives of Biosphere Reserves are: (i) To conserve diversity and integrity of plants, animals and micro-organism; (ii) To promote research on ecological conservation and other environmental aspects and; (iii) To provide facilities for education, awareness and training.

Is Biosphere Reserve in situ conservation?

-In-situ conservation is the type of conservation in which animal and plant species are conserved in their natural habitat. … -Examples of In-situ conservation are National park, wildlife sanctuary, and biosphere reserve.

Why have biosphere reserves in India been established?

The purpose of the formation of the biosphere reserve is to conserve in situ all forms of life, along with its support system, in its totality, so that it could serve as a referral system for monitoring and evaluating changes in natural ecosystems.

Why do we need to conserve endemic species?

An endemic species are important because they are in the habitats restricted to a particular area due to climate change, urban development or other occurrences. Endemic species are often endangered, so it is important to save the species.

Why are biosphere reserves set up in India give two examples?

The main goals of Biosphere Reserves are: To conserve integrity & diversity of plants (Flora), micro-organism & animals (fauna) To promote & support research on ecological conservation & other environmental facets and; To offer facilities for awareness, education, & training.