Why Amritsar has extreme climate while Kanyakumari has moderate climate?

Why does Delhi have an extreme climate while Thiruvananthapuram has a moderate climate?

delhi experiences extreme type of climate because it is surrounded by cities on all sides and there is no such waterbody who can make it warm in winters and provide maritime climate.

How does extreme climate differ from moderate climate?

A.In moderate climate,it is neither too hot in summers nor cold in winters. In extreme climate, the summers are too hot and the winters are too cold. … The annual and average range of temperature is low in moderate climate and more in extreme climate. C.

Why Does Mumbai have a moderate climate while Delhi has an extreme climate?

Mumbai and Kolkata experience moderate climate because they are on the seashore and lie under the moderating influence of the sea. This option is correct.

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Why is Goa cooler than Punjab?

Goa experiences a moderate climate while Punjab experiences extremes of temperature. This is so because Goa is a coastal area, which means, it is influenced by the sea. The constant land and sea breezes equalise the temperature of the area and make the surrounding temperatures moderate. This does not happens in Punjab.

Why does Chennai have a moderate climate for Class 5?

Chennai lies on the thermal equator and is also coastal, which prevents extreme variation in seasonal temperature. For most of the year, the weather is hot and humid.

Why Does Mumbai have moderate climate?

Mumbai experiences moderate climate because of its tropical location. Being located on the coast, it is neither too hot nor too cold; weather is generally humid—places located on the coast experience a moderate climate.

Why climate is moderate?

Water at the Earth’s surface and in the atmosphere exerts a strong moderating effect on climate. Generally speaking, the higher the water content in the air, the more moderate (less extreme) the climate.

Which country has moderate climate?

New Zealand. This country is known for its temperate climate – warmest in the north and coldest in the south. It’s the perfect destination for those of you who enjoy sun and snow.

Which state has moderate climate in India?

Situated in the coziness of the western ghats in Kerala, Thekkady experiences a very pleasant average annual temperature of 23-degrees Celsius. At an elevation of 1337 meters above sea level, Thekkady experiences moderate rainfalls in the monsoon.

Why do coastal cities like Mumbai and Kolkata have moderate climate as compared to Delhi?

Mumbai experiences moderate climate than Delhi bcs Mumbai is situated on coast that’s why cold sea breeze flow in Mumbai and cools the climate whereas Delhi is the interior of the main land and the cool winds become hot while reaching there and Delhi experiences hot climate.

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Why do coastal cities like Mumbai Chennai and Kolkata have moderate climate as compared to Delhi?

Typically coastal places will have a moderate climate throughout the year as sea surface absorbs heat slowly and also loses the heat slowly (specific heat of water is more) which influences the adjacent land temperature.

Which places in India enjoy moderate climate?

Moderate Climate Places

  • Pune, Maharashtra. Image by Mukul2u via Wikimedia. Pune in Maharashtra has a myriad mix of people following different cultural and spiritual inclinations. …
  • Gujarat. Image by Capankajsmilyo via Wikimedia. …
  • Lakshadweep, Kerala. Image by Manvendra Bhangui via Wikimedia.

Why Goa is not cold in winter?

It is because of the large amount of water, water has very high heat capacity, it can hold temperature for long. So, during day time it absorbs heat, and holds it long so that near by area doesn’t become too cold.

Why is Goa hot?

Being in the tropical zone and near the Arabian Sea, the climate of Goa is warm and humid for most of the year. The month of May is the hottest, with day-time temperatures touching 35″C (95″F). To top it, the heat is coupled with high humidity.

Is it cold in Goa in January?

Usually, January is the coldest month of the year. … By the month end, the daytime average is down to 30°C, and the night time average is 19°C. The early part of the month is the mildest, but it never gets too cold in Goa. It rarely goes above 33°C or falls below 16°C in January.

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