Which of the below is not an idea of solid waste management?

2. Which of the below is not an idea behind solid waste management? Explanation: The generation of solid waste cannot be stopped.

Which of the following is not a solid waste?

Which of the following is not the municipal solid waste? Explanation: Rubbish, food waste and food waste are municipal solid waste, whereas radioactive substances are industrial waste. 11.

What is the idea behind solid waste management?

The idea behind solid waste management is to reduce and eliminate the adverse effects of these on the environment and human health.

What are the 4 types of waste management?

There are eight major categories of waste management, and each of them can be divided into numerous sub-categories. The categories include source reduction and reuse, animal feeding, recycling, composting, fermentation, landfills, incineration, and land application.

What are examples of solid waste management?

The management of solid waste can include source reduction, recycling, storage, collection, transportation, processing, and disposal. Examples of solid waste facilities include landfills, composting sites, transfer stations, incinerators, and processing facilities. Such facilities may be publicly or privately owned.

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Which of the following is not domestic waste?

Sludge is not a domestic waste, it is an industrial waste. It is the solid precipitated material which is produced when waste water is treated with microorganisms.

What is solid and liquid waste management?

SLWM is the collection, transportation, processing, recycling, treatment, and disposal of waste material in a scientific manner. … It is geared, particularly for district administrators to help focus on SLWM along with Open Defecation Free (ODF) activities.

Which of the following is not a duty of waste generator according to Solid Waste Management Rules 2016?

(2) No waste generator shall throw, burn or burry the solid waste generated by him, on streets, open public spaces outside his premises or in the drain or water bodies.

What does solid waste management includes Mcq?

Solid-waste management is a process of collecting, disposing, and treating solid material that is discarded because it has served its purpose or is no longer useful. An improper municipal solid waste disposal can create unsanitary conditions.

What are the sources of solid waste?

8 Main Sources of Solid Wastes

  • Municipal solid wastes: These are solid wastes from home, offices, stores, schools, hospitals, hotels etc. …
  • Industrial Solid Wastes: ADVERTISEMENTS: …
  • Mining solid wastes: …
  • Fertilizers: …
  • Pesticides and Biocides: …
  • Excretory products of humans and livestock: …
  • Electronic wastes: …
  • Hospital Wastes:

What are the 3 proper waste management?

One of the ways to put that plan into action is through the 3 Rs of waste management — Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Reduce means to cut back on the amount of trash we generate. Reuse means to find new ways to use things that otherwise would have been thrown out.

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What are the three types of waste management?

As a result, types of waste management are usually split into three categories based upon the now famous “3Rs” — Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.