Where does NZ send its recycling?

Recycling: New Zealand still sending plastic waste to developing countries. New Zealand’s recycling practices are under scrutiny amid revelations that hundreds of tonnes of plastic are still being sent to countries like Malaysia and Thailand.

Where does my recycling go NZ?

Once your recycling is sorted, it’s sold to make new products in New Zealand as well as overseas.

Where does NZ send its waste?

More than 46,000 tonnes of this has been shipped to Malaysia and Thailand where a 2018 Greenpeace investigation revealed much was being illegally dumped and burned, with disastrous impacts on the environment and the health of local communities.

Where does NZ plastic go?

Approximately 252,000 tonnes of plastic waste is disposed of to NZ landfills each year (based on 8% of 3.156 million tonnes of waste to landfill). Much of this is packaging from imported goods.

Does New Zealand have a recycling program?

New Zealanders recycle 1.3 million tonnes of materials each year, but 70% is currently exported. A recent NZ$36.7 million funding boost to upgrade recycling plants throughout the country followed a NZ$124 million injection into recycling infrastructure to grow processing capacity onshore.

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Where does our recycling go?

At the MRF, all the mixed recycling is sorted and separated into different types of materials by hand or machine (or both) before being sent to manufacturers who make it into new products. Once collected and sorted, recycled materials become valuable commodities in the worldwide market.

What happens to plastic bottles when they get recycled?

The plastic bottles are also sorted by the type of plastic they’re made from. Then, the bottles are cleaned remove any food, liquid, or chemical residue. Next, all of the bottles are ground up and shredded into flakes. Finally, they are melted down and formed into small pellets, each about the size of a grain of rice.

How much rubbish is in the World 2021?

Globally to date, there is about 8.3 billion tons of plastic in the world – some 6.3 billion tons of that is trash. Imagine 55 million jumbo jets and that’s how much plastic exists here.

Who owns landfills in NZ?

Over the years, we have partnered with the owner, Waste Management NZ, to develop a total of 17 landfill cells at Redvale. We have also undertaken a wide range of ancillary projects including the site drainage and stormwater treatment system consisting of six stormwater treatment ponds.

How much waste is produced in NZ each year?

It is estimated that in Aotearoa New Zealand we generate 17.49 million tonnes of waste per year, of which an estimated 12.59 million tonnes are sent to landfill.

Where does Christchurch waste go?

The majority of all waste in Canterbury ends up in a mega landfill about an hour’s drive north of Christchurch.

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What actually gets recycled in NZ?

Items you can put in your recycling

  • Glass bottles and glass jars.
  • Tin, steel and aluminium cans, including empty aerosols.
  • Plastic bottles from your kitchen, bathroom and laundry (plastic grades 1-7)
  • Clear plastic food containers.
  • Pizza boxes (remove any leftover food)
  • Newspapers, magazines, advertising mail and envelopes.

How many tonnes of plastic is shipped overseas from NZ per year?

In NZ we export up to 18,000 tonnes a year of collected material in bales for reprocessing overseas. The rest is reprocessed here and reused by NZ manufacturers.

How does recycling work in New Zealand?

The mainstream waste items collected for recycling in New Zealand do not necessarily stay here to be made into new products. … Cardboard and glass tends to be converted into new products within NZ, whereas most plastic, paper and metal resources are sent overseas for re-manufacture.

Where does TerraCycle waste go?

TerraCycle works with a network of third party vendors (who are pre-qualified and on boarded by our Materials team) to ensure that all waste is processed. After the waste is recycled into a raw material, it is sold to manufacturing companies who produce the end product and complete the journey of recycling.

What is TerraCycle NZ?

What is TerraCycle? TerraCycle® is a social enterprise Eliminating the Idea of Waste®. In 21 countries, we tackle the issue from many angles. We have found that nearly everything we touch can be recycled and collect typically non-recyclable items through national, first-of-their-kind recycling platforms.