When environmental uncertainty is greater then plan should be mgt503?

The greater the environmental uncertainty, the more plans should be directional and emphasis placed on the short term. 1) When uncertainty is high, plans should be specific, but flexible. 2) Managers must be prepared to rework and amend plans, or even to abandon their plans.

When uncertainty is high plans should be?

When uncertainty is high and managers must be flexible in order to respond to unexpected changes, directional plans are preferable. Directional plans are clearly defined and leave no room for interpretation.

What types of goals produce higher levels of output mgt503?

Intention to work toward a goal is a major source of job motivation. Specific and challenging goals are superior motivating forces. Specific hard goals produce a higher level of output than do generalized goals.

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When formal planning fails to lead to higher performance Which of the following is most likely to be the reason for the failure?

When formal planning fails to lead to higher performance, which of the following is most likely to be the reason for the failure? Planning is concerned with how objectives are to be accomplished, not what is to be accomplished.

What planning dominates managers planning efforts at lower levels of the organization?

Strategic planning at the organizational level tends to be more important that strategic planning at lower levels.

Which of the following problems requires an immediate action to resolve mgt503?

A crisis problem is a serious difficulty requiring immediate action. 2.

When it is being considered management by objectives must have?

(3) Management objectives when it is being considered must have multiple objectives rather than a single objective. ADVERTISEMENTS: (4) It must be selective rather than encompass everything. It must make possible concentration of resources and efforts.

Which type of environment is best suited for mechanistic organizations Mcq?

Mechanistic organizational structures ((Figure)) are best suited for environments that range from stable and simple to low-moderate uncertainty ((Figure)) and are characterized by top-down hierarchies of control that are rule-based.

Are plans that apply to the entire organization and establish the organization’s overall goals?

Plans that apply to the entire organization, that establish the organization’s overall objectives, and that seek to position the organization in terms of its environment are strategic plans. Tactical plans (sometimes referred to as operational plans) specify the details of how the overall objectives are to be achieved.

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How planning can help the managers and Nonmanagers alike?

It establishes coordinated effort and gives direction to managers and nonmanagers alike. It reduces overlapping and wasteful activities. Planning also establishes goals or standards that are used in controlling. … In an uncertain environment, managers should develop plans that are specific, but flexible.

Which of the following is the correct order for the strategic management process?

The five stages of the process are goal-setting, analysis, strategy formation, strategy implementation and strategy monitoring.

Which of the following are the two dimensions of environmental uncertainty?

Environmental uncertainty has two different dimensions: environmental complexity (heterogeneity) and environmental variability (dynamism).

What is the foundation of organizational planning?

Planning is an attempt to manage the future: what is to be accomplished and how. In essence, “planning is the process of determining objectives and assessing they way these objectives can best be achieved.” This process determines where the organization should be going, why, and how.

What plans have clearly defined objectives?

Specific plans have clearly defined objective. They eliminate ambiguity and reduce problems that come from misunderstanding.