What are the 7 pillars of wildlife conservation?

The Model includes seven foundational principles: 1) wildlife resources are a public trust to be managed by governments for the benefit of all citizens; 2) unregulated commercial markets for wild game that decimate wildlife populations are eliminated; 3) allocation is by law, meaning that laws are developed by citizens …

What are the seven pillars of wildlife conservation?

These basic beliefs are best explained through a set of foundational guidelines, best remembered as the Seven Sisters for Conservation:

  • The Public Trust Doctrine. …
  • Democratic Rule of Law. …
  • Opportunity for All. …
  • Commercial Use. …
  • Legitimate Use. …
  • Science and Wildlife Policy. …
  • International Wildlife Migratory Resources.

What are the 4 parts of wildlife conservation?


  • 1.1 Habitat destruction.
  • 1.2 Overexploitation.
  • 1.3 Poaching.
  • 1.4 Culling.
  • 1.5 Pollution.
  • 1.6 Climate change.
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How many pillars are there to the North American model of wildlife conservation?

Conservationists, especially hunters and trappers, supported the development of the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation. This model is defined by two fundamental principles and supported by seven pillars known as the seven sisters of conservation..

What are the five values of wildlife?

Biodiversity – Bush-meat – Consumptive use – Ecology – Economic importance – Economy – Non-consumptive use – Nutritional value – Socio-cultural significance – Wildlife – Wildlife habitats.

What is the goal of Wildlife Conservation?

The goal of wildlife conservation is to ensure the wise use and management of renewable resources without wasting them. Preservation saves natural resources with no consumptive use of them. Both are necessary to sustain resources for future generations.

What is the hunter’s role in Wildlife Conservation?

Because wildlife is a renewable resource with a surplus, hunters help control wildlife populations at a healthy balance for the habitat. Hunters play an important role by providing information from the field that wildlife managers need. …

What are the three methods of wildlife conservation?

Methods of Wildlife Conservation:

  • Protection of natural habitats,
  • Maintenance of the viable number of species in protected areas,
  • Establishment of Biosphere Reserves,
  • Protection through legislation,
  • Imposing restriction on export of rare plant and animal species and their products,

What is wildlife conservation PDF?

Wildlife conservation is an activity in which humans make conscious efforts to protect plants and other animal species and their habitats. Wildlife conservation is very important because wildlife and wilderness play an important role in maintaining the ecological balance and contribute to human quality of life.

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What 5 essential elements must be present?

The most critical aspect of wildlife conservation is habitat management. Habitat loss presents the greatest threat to wildlife. Five essential elements must be present to provide a viable habitat: food, water, cover, space, and arrangement. The need for food and water is obvious.

What is the fifth primary component of the North American model for Wildlife Conservation?

Fifth, non-commercial uses of wildlife are restricted to the harvest of wildlife for food and fur, self-defense, and property protection. Id. Sixth, wildlife can be considered an international resource because of its migratory nature. Seventh, wildlife management is guided by science.

What is the fundamental principle in which the North America model of Wildlife Conservation is based on?

The North American Model of Wildlife Conservation rests on two basic principles – fish and wildlife are for the non-commercial use of citizens, and should be managed such that they are available at optimum population levels forever.

Who wrote the North American model of wildlife conservation?

The North American Model of Wildlife Conservation (Wildlife Management and Conservation): Mahoney, Shane P., Geist, Valerius: 9781421432809: Amazon.com: Books.

What are the differences between conservation and preservation?

Both terms involve a degree of protection, but how that is protection is carried out is the key difference. Conservation is generally associated with the protection of natural resources, while preservation is associated with the protection of buildings, objects, and landscapes.

Why is it important to conserve wildlife give three reasons?

1)Wildlife serves as gene pool for pest-resistant strains:- Scientists look for resistant strains in wild plants because wild plants have evolved features resistant to disease. 2)Wildlife enriches food production:-Bees, bats, birds, among other animals help plants become productive by serving as agents of pollination.

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What are the basic requirements of wildlife?

Wildlife habitat are areas distributed horizontally and vertically across the landscape that fulfill the needs of a specific wildlife species for the basic requirements of food, water, reproduction (nesting), and protection against predators and competitors (cover).