What are solid wastes and hazardous wastes What is the difference between them quizlet?

What are solid wastes and hazardous wastes? Solid waste is materials that can not be decomposed. Hazardous waste is toxic material that can do harm to living beings and the environment. Describe the difference between an open dump, a sanitary landfill and a modern, secure, hazardous waste disposal site.

What are solid wastes and hazardous wastes What is the difference between them?

Solid waste consists of garbage, refuse or abandoned materials, while hazardous waste is solid waste that can cause harmful effects to human life or the environment.

What is the difference between normal and hazardous waste?

There are two primary types of solid waste -– municipal solid waste (trash or garbage) and industrial waste (a wide variety of non-hazardous materials resulting from the production of goods and products. Conversely, hazardous waste is waste that is dangerous or potentially harmful to our health or the environment.

What is the difference between solid waste industrial waste municipal solid waste and hazardous waste give one example of each?

– industrial solid waste produced by mines, farms, and industries that supply people with goods and services. – hazardous waste: waste that threatens human health or the environment because it is poisonous, dangerously chemically reactive, corrosive, or flammable.

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What are solids wastes?

A solid waste is any material that is discarded by being: Abandoned: The term abandoned means thrown away. A material is abandoned if it is disposed of, burned, incinerated, or sham recycled. … Used (i.e., fired or detonated) munitions may also be solid wastes if collected for storage, recycling, treatment, or disposal.

What is solid and liquid waste?

SLWM is the collection, transportation, processing, recycling, treatment, and disposal of waste material in a scientific manner. The following guidelines presents a basic, quick introduction to Solid Liquid Waste Management (SLWM) in rural areas.

What is the difference between hazardous and non hazardous waste?

Hazardous waste has more stringent legal requirements, including storage and disposal as well as necessary record-keeping. … Non-hazardous waste is any waste that does not cause harm to people or the environment, and regulations for disposal of non-hazardous waste are less strict.