Is Wildlife SOS a legitimate organization?

Mission: PROTECTING INDIA’S WILDLIFE FROM HABITAT LOSS AND HUMAN EXPLOITATION. Wildlife SOS is a 501(c)(3) organization, with an IRS ruling year of 2005, and donations are tax-deductible.

Is wildlife SOS a legitimate charity?

Wildlife SOS is registered in the USA, UK and India as a non-profit organization. All three entities work closely together to accomplish our goals. The organization has the following capabilities to carry out the strategies: 1) Wildlife SOS has 9 sanctuaries to provide lifetime care for elephants, bears and leopards.

Who is the owner of Wildlife SOS?

Kartick Satyanarayan, Co-Founder and CEO of Wildlife SOS is often referred to as the ‘Bear Man of India’ for his efforts to put an end to the illegal practice of ‘dancing bears’ in India (TED talk).

What is the meaning of wildlife SOS?

Wildlife SOS (WSOS) is a conservation non-profit in India, established in 1995 with the primary objective of rescuing and rehabilitating wildlife in distress, and preserving India’s natural heritage.

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How do you get into Wildlife SOS?

If you have any further queries or are interested in volunteering with us, please download the application form, fill it out and email it to or call +91-7351455544 (+44 7831 433106 in UK). We will get back to you as soon as possible.

What happened to Christine from Wildlife SOS?

Christine Barrett, 58, who had arthritis in her back, died after washing down her usual dose of painkillers with alcohol to try and block out the noise at the council flat where she lived alone in St Albans, Hertfordshire.

How did the army and Wildlife SOS Help Siddha?

Answer: In November second week, a joint rescueoperation by the Indian Army, WildlifeSOSand the Karnataka forest department resulted in successful moving the downed elephant Sidda into a specially designed structure where the Wildlife SOS veterinarians could provide long term treatment to the ailing elephant.

What is the largest national society for wildlife biologists?

The Wildlife Society (TWS) is an international non-profit association involved in wildlife stewardship through science and education.

The Wildlife Society.

Formation 1937
Type Non-profit scientific and educational association
Headquarters Bethesda, Maryland
Membership 1,000
President Carol Chambers

Which one is protected area for elephants?

Elephant Reserves

Elephant Range Elephant Reserve Total Area (Sq. Km)
Total 3312
Eastern-South Bank Landscape 12. Dihing-Patkai ER 937
(Assam – Arunachal) 13. South Arunachal ER 1957.5
Total 2894.5

Can we adopt elephant in India?

Talking to TOI, Kartick Satyanarayan, co-founder of Wildlife SOS, said that an elephant can be adopted for a year for a payment of RS 6 lakh. This includes cost of animal’s food and its medical needs for a year. … People can sponsor elephants for Rs 3,300 a month.

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How can I adopt a baby elephant in India?

Select the animal you want to adopt. Choose the number of animals you want to adopt.

2. Indira Gandhi Zoo, Visakhapatnam

  1. Visit their official website.
  2. Enter the necessary information.
  3. Select the animal of your choice.
  4. Select the period you wish to provide for. It ranges from one day to one year.
  5. Pay via online mode.

What are wildlife resources?

Wildlife resources means all wild animals, wild birds, and aquatic animal life.

How can we save elephants in India?

Protecting Elephant Habitats

  1. Effective mechanisms for securing corridors and legal protection.
  2. Restoring degraded and lost habitats.
  3. Protecting habitats – beyond the Protected Area mechanism.
  4. Effective mechanism to prevent elephant poaching/trade.
  5. Minimizing dependency of people on forest.

How can I become a member of Wildlife Conservation Society in India?

Wildlife Conservation Society-India

  1. Volunteer must be physically fit, and preferably with experience in hiking through forests and rough terrain, in extremely hot and dry weather conditions.
  2. Preference will be given to candidates who recognize large animal signs.
  3. Must be able to commit a minimum of one week.