In which year national biodiversity action plan was prepared?

As a Party to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) that mandates parties to prepare a national biodiversity strategy and action plan for implementing the Convention at the national level, India developed a National Policy and Macrolevel Action Strategy on Biodiversity in 1999.

Which was responsible for developing India’s National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan in 2003?

From 2000 to 2003, Kalpavriksh coordinated a nation-wide process to prepare India’s National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan. This process, under the aegis of the Union Ministry of Environment and Forests, was sponsored by GEF/United Nations Development Programme.

What is Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan?

MINISTRY OF URBAN AFFAIRS AND ENVIRONMENT. Project 00011125 œ National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan (NBSAP) National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan. (2007-2012)

Who is the first chairman of National Biodiversity Authority?

Pisupati, who has a doctorate in genetics, was the first chairperson with a background in biodiversity administration.

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Who is the chairman of National Biodiversity Authority?

National Biodiversity Authority

Abbreviation NBA
Region served India
Chairperson Dr. V. B. Mathur, IFS
Parent organisation Ministry of Environment , Forests, and climate change, Government of India

Which among the following Institute introduced India’s National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan?


Why India is called mega diversity country?

The term ‘mega’ represent ‘large’. Thus, megadiversity means a large number of species are present in the ecosystem. As India is rich in the diversity of animals and plants, India is called a mega diversity centre.

What steps has the Indian government taken to ensure the protection of the environment?

Formalisation of national parks, wildlife sanctuaries, conservation reserves and community reserves. Protection to habitat and wildlife within premises of such protected areas. Development of National Board for Wildlife and State Boards for Wildlife for identification of future protected areas.

What were the 4 objectives of the National biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan?

The major objectives of the NBSAP are: to improve environmental stability for natural ecosystems and their biodiversity; to restore degraded ecosystems and maintain equilibrium among biological communities; to establish an appropriate framework for access to genetic resources and equitable sharing of benefits arising …

What are the Aichi Targets?

Aichi Targets

  • Aichi Target 1: Awareness increased. …
  • Aichi Target 2: Biodiversity values integrated. …
  • Aichi Target 3: Incentives reformed. …
  • Aichi Target 4: Sustainable production and consumption. …
  • Aichi Target 5: Habitat loss halved or reduced. …
  • Aichi Target 6: Sustainable management of marine living resources.
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What is a biodiversity strategy?

The purpose of the strategy

Sutton’s Biodiversity Strategy is a plan of action to ensure that plants, animals and ecosystems are conserved, protected and enhanced and that progress is tracked, using measurable targets.

When was Punjab biodiversity board set up?

Punjab biodiversity board is established by the Punjab government under the Act of biological diversity in 2002.

When did India become the member of International Council of biodiversity?

India ratified the CBD in February 1994.

Who coined the term biodiversity?

The word biodiversity is a contraction of the phrase “biological diversity” and was first coined in 1985 by Walter Rosen of the National Research Council as a title word in a seminar he was organizing to discuss biological diversity.