How does biodiversity conservation help in protecting the existence of flora and fauna?

Biodiversity conservation protects plant, animal, microbial and genetic resources for food production, agriculture, and ecosystem functions such as fertilizing the soil, recycling nutrients, regulating pests and disease, controlling erosion, and pollinating crops and trees.

What is the role of diversity in the conservation of plants and animals?

Biodiversity boosts ecosystem productivity where each species, no matter how small, all have an important role to play. For example, A larger number of plant species means a greater variety of crops. Greater species diversity ensures natural sustainability for all life forms.

How can you help in the protection and conservation of biodiversity?

10 Ways to Protect and Conserve Biodiversity

  1. Government legislation.
  2. Nature preserves.
  3. Reducing invasive species.
  4. Habitat restoration.
  5. Captive breeding and seed banks.
  6. Research.
  7. Reduce climate change.
  8. Purchase sustainable products.

Why is it important to conserve the biodiversity and how can it be conserved?

Biodiversity conservation has three main objectives: To preserve the diversity of species. Sustainable utilization of species and ecosystem. To maintain life-supporting systems and essential ecological processes.

Why is biodiversity important for plants?

Biodiversity of plants ensures a resource for new food crops and medicines. Plant life balances ecosystems, protects watersheds, mitigates erosion, moderates climate, and provides shelter for many animal species. … The number of plant species becoming extinct is increasing at an alarming rate.

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What is the importance of biodiversity to microbes?

Microorganisms represent most of the Earth’s biodiversity and play an essential role in ecosystem processes, providing functions that ultimately sustain all of life. Understanding the link between ecosystem functioning and the distribution of microbial diversity is essential to predict ecosystem responses to …

What do you mean by conservation of biodiversity Wikipedia?

Biodiversity is the biological variety and variability of life on Earth. Biodiversity is a measure of variation at the genetic, species, and ecosystem level. … It encompasses the evolutionary, ecological, and cultural processes that sustain life. Rapid environmental changes typically cause mass extinctions.

Is biodiversity flora and fauna?

Biodiversity of Flora Fauna Associated with in College Campus. Biodiversity is one measure of the health of biological systems. Life on earth today consists of many millions of distinct biological species. … The period since the emergence of humans has displayed an ongoing reduction in biodiversity.

How does biodiversity affect animals?

Biodiversity allows for ecosystems to adjust to disturbances like fires and floods. Genetic diversity even prevents diseases and helps species adjust to changes in their environment.

What is the biodiversity of plants and animals?

The diversity or variety among the different species in the living organisms that are present on planet Earth is called the Biodiversity of plants and animals. The term Biodiversity was coined by Walter G Rosen in 1986, and the literal meaning of the word is Biological diversity.