Frequent question: Why do people take AP Environmental Science?

AP Environmental Science can be a good class to take for many people. You should consider taking it if one or more of the following applies to you: You’re interested in the environment and/or related topics, such as sustainability, biodiversity, how humans are impacting the earth, etc.

Why should you take AP Environmental Science?

By taking AP Environmental Science, students are able to gain a deeper understanding of how the environment functions, and the drastic effects that humans are having on it.

Is AP Environmental Science worth it?

If you’re passionate about environmental science, you should definitely take the AP course! You’ll dive into the subject and learn content that genuinely interests you. Even if you don’t plan to pursue environmental science in the future, there’s no harm in taking a course for fun!

Is AP Environmental Science bad?

Of these test takers, 16.5% scored a three, 23.2% scored a four, and 8% scored a five. The statistics suggest that AP® Environmental Science is indeed challenging, which is to be expected of a college level course. … Fewer juniors attempted the exam and even fewer sophomores and freshman attempted the exam.

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Is AP Environmental Science easy?

AP Environmental Science is often viewed as one of the easiest AP courses available. This aside, it is still a college level class meant to be challenging as an AP, and as such contains tough material for students to learn. AP Environmental Science is often viewed as one of the easiest AP courses available.

Do colleges look down on AP Environmental Science?

Taking AP Environmental Science and doing poorly in the class and on the exam will not impress any colleges or earn you any college credit, so definitely try to avoid these scenarios! Looking for help studying for your AP exam?

What do u learn in AP Environmental Science?

You’ll learn about renewable and nonrenewable sources of energy, where they’re used, and their impact on the environment. Topics may include: Energy sources and fuel types, including fossil fuels, ethanol, and nuclear power. Global energy consumption and distribution of natural resources.

What is the easiest AP class?

What Is The Easiest AP Class?

The lower the score out of 10, the easier the class:

  • Computer Science Principles: 2.8 – Very Easy.
  • Chinese: 2.9 – Very Easy with especially high pass rate [1]
  • Psychology: 3.2 – Very Easy.
  • Human Geography: 4.1 – Quite Easy.
  • Environmental Science: 4.2 – Quite Easy, but unusual to score a 5 [2]

Is AP Environmental Science harder than physics?

We came to the consensus that AP Environmental Science (APES) was the easiest and Physics C or AP English Literature was probably the hardest, conceptually at least.

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Which is easier AP Psychology or AP environmental science?

Both courses are relatively easy AP classes. If you have a strong work ethic, then passing either course will be easy. I personally prefer environmental science, but psychology is also a great course. It really depends on your own preferance here.

Is environmental science hard in college?

An environmental science class is not a hard class at all. In fact, environmental science is considered one of the easier classes in college. … An environmental science class will cover a lot of topics but they will not be in-depth.

Should I take environmental science in high school?

Taking an environmental science class allows students to gain knowledge that will not only help them get science credit to graduate, but also to understand what’s happening in the world around them.

What’s the hardest AP class?

United States History, Biology, English Literature, Calculus BC, Physics C, and Chemistry are often named as the hardest AP classes and tests. These classes have large curriculums, tough tests, and conceptually difficult material.

Is there a lot of math in AP environmental science?

The actual math is not that hard, but setting it up is challenging for many. Practice this with problems your teacher assigns you or with review books. Usually 8-10 Multiple Choice Questions. There are 100 multiple choice questions and 8-10 are usually math related.

How many AP classes should I take to get into Harvard?

Going up the selectivity chain, the average at Harvard is eight AP classes. To be competitive at some of the most highly selective colleges in the country, 8-12 AP courses may be the sweet spot amount, assuming the student can handle that level of rigor.

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