Best answer: What type of questions might a organismal ecologist ask?

what kind of questions does organismal ecology ask? where does it live? what does it eat? who eats it?

What kind of questions do ecologists ask?

Population ecologists study the changes in numbers and location of organisms growing in the same area at the same time. A population ecologist studying dandelions might ask questions such as: How many dandelions are there? Is the number of dandelions increasing or decreasing? Where are they found?

What does a organismal ecologist study?

Organismal ecology focuses on the morphological, physiological, and behavioral adaptations that let an organism survive in a specific habitat. Population ecology studies the number of individuals in an area, as well as how and why their population size changes over time.

What does a community ecologist examine?

Community ecology is an expanding and rich subfield of ecology. Ecologists investigate the factors that influence biodiversity, community structure, and the distribution and abundance of species. These factors include interactions with the abiotic world and the diverse array of interactions that occur between species.

What is individual ecology?

Individuals and Species. Autecology is the field within ecology that deals with the study of individuals, populations, and species. Important topics in autecology include the following: differences among species in life-history characteristics and in adaptations to various kinds of environmental conditions.

What fundamental question is addressed by ecologists?

The same applies to measures of production for all the plants in an ecosystem or for different trophic levels of an ecosystem. A basic question in ecosystem ecology is how much production there is and what the factors are that affect it.

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What are some questions about the ecosystem?

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