Which one of the following ecosystem is man made ecosystem?

The aquarium is a man-made ecosystem where a suitable environment is made with all the plants, aquatic animals, and non- living things.

Which one of the following is man-made ecosystem?

An ecosystem, which is created and maintained by human beings, is called artificial or man- made ecosystem. Some examples of man- made ecosystem are aquarium, garden, agriculture, apiary, poultry, piggery etc.

Which is a man-made artificial ecosystem?

Man-made ecosystems are artificial ecosystems that are not self-regulated but handled by human activity. Examples include zoos, aquariums, gardens, orchards, botanical gardens, and so on. – A zoo holds animals from different biomes in protected enclosures for their conservation and/or public viewing.

What are the two man-made ecosystem?

Garden and pond are man-made ecosystems.

Which one out of the following is an artificial ecosystem?

The correct answer is Crop field. An artificial ecosystem meets all the requirements of a natural ecosystem but is made and controlled by humans.

Is forest man made ecosystem?

– Option C: Forest is an example of a naturally occurring ecosystem and not man made ecosystem.

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Which one of the following is man made?

Answer: Man-made resources are items or substances that have value to human lives that do not occur in the natural world. Examples of man-made resources include plastic, paper, soda, sheet metal, rubber and brass. These contrast with natural resources, such as water, crops, sunlight, crude oil, wood and gold.

Is Greenhouse a man-made ecosystem?

Answer: Ponds and lakes are natural ecosystems and a greenhouse and aquarium are man-made ecosystems.

Is estuary a man-made ecosystem?

(a) natural ecosystem. Estuaries are natural water bodies, which are formed by the input of one or more rivers flowing into it.

Which of the following is not man-made ecosystem?

Detailed Solution

Grassland is something which occurs naturally and humans do not take part in its origin. It is mostly composed of grasses, sedge and rush families along with legumes and herbs.

What are the three types of man made ecosystem?

Man-Made Ecosystems

Examples of man-made ecosystems are rice fields, fish ponds, and urban ecosystems. Rice fields represent one kind of agricultural ecosystem.

Which of the following is a man-made ecosystem crop field Ocean Forest desert?

Answer: Crop Field is the correct answer.

Is Pond a artificial ecosystem?

Answer: (b) Crop field is an artificial ecosystem. It is an agricultural land created by man , Pond, lake and forests are natural ecosystem, as they are self-sustainable and do not need human interference for their maintenance.

Which of the following is an artificial ecosystem pond?

in an area together with their surroundings. These are not self-sustainable. Pond, lake and forests are not human made. Crop field is an artificial ecosystem as they are not self-sustainable.

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