Frequent question: What is the purpose of center of the center of marine biodiversity?

Building a sustainable live reef food fish trade, Promoting sustainable tuna fisheries, Financing Marine Protected Areas (MPA) for the future, Creating an international MPA network for turtles and significantly reducing marine turtle bycatch in the Indo-Pacific, and.

What is the importance of center of the center of marine biodiversity?

The coral triangle not only provides a home for marine animals, but also for people – it has a population of 370 million people who speak over 2,000 languages. The marine resources located within this biodiverse ecoregion directly support the livelihoods of over 120 million people.

What is the center of the center of marine biodiversity?

A team of marine conservationists declared in 2006 that the Philippines is the Center of Marine Biodiversity in the world and Verde Island Passage as the “Center of the Center of Marine Shorefish Biodiversity”.

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Why is the Philippines called the center of the center of marine biodiversity?

The Philippines forms an ocean region that has long been recognized as the world’s center of marine biodiversity. With the Malay archipelago, Papua New Guinea and Australia, the country forms the ‘Coral Triangle,’ so-called because of the abundance of its coral reef life.

Where is the center of the center of marine biodiversity located?

Based in San Francisco, the institute is home to more than 60 research scientists and aquarium biologists, as well as 45.6 million scientific specimens from around the world—nearly 40,000 of which are alive and on display in the Academy’s Steinhart Aquarium.

What is the importance of marine biodiversity?

Healthy marine ecosystems are important for society since they provide services including food security, feed for livestock , raw materials for medicines, building materials from coral rock and sand, and natural defenses against hazards such as coastal erosion and inundation.

What is the importance of biodiversity indices?

Introduction: A diversity index is a mathematical measure of species diversity in a community. Importance: Diversity indices provide important information about rarity and commonness of species in a community.

What is biodiversity give three examples?

Biodiversity Examples. Scientists have named three different levels of biodiversity: genetic diversity, species diversity, and ecosystem diversity. … On a smaller scale, we can describe the biodiversity of a local forest, park or pond. One might also look at the biodiversity of the human gut, or of a teaspoon of soil.

How deep is the Verde Island Passage?

The Verde Island Passage Marine Corridor is situated between Luzon (particularly, Batangas) and Mindoro. It is about 100 km long and only about 20 km across at its narrowest point. The channel is relatively deep with maximum bathymetry of about 1,000 m along the northwest coast of Mindoro (fig. 1).

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What is ocean biodiversity?

Marine biodiversity therefore refers to the species richness and abundance in the world’s oceans and seas. And since the world is covered with approximately 70% water, the amount of life in the oceans is enormous. … Protection of water resources (e.g. Mangrove forests trap silt)

Is the Philippines the center of marine biodiversity?

The Philippines is located in a region called the Coral Triangle; an area of exceptional importance as it is recognized as the global center for marine biodiversity. Within this region, the Philippines is also known as the center of this center.

Do you think that it is credible that the Philippines is hailed as the center of marine biodiversity?

Covering a major portion of the Coral Triangle, with more than 16800 sq km of coral reef, the Philippines is a global centre for marine biodiversity. Its central region, from Luzon to Mindanao, has more marine species per unit area than any other place on the planet.

Is Philippines rich in marine life?

The Philippines is part of the coral triangle and area with more species of fish and corals than any other marine environment on earth. Tropical reefs are the richest marine ecosystems on earth and those found in the Philippines boast a diversity of life and colour that is unparalleled.

Where is Verde island located?

Verde Island is a volcanic island situated along the bodies of Verde Island Passage between the islands of Luzon and Mindoro, Philippines.

Verde Island.

Native name: Pulo ng Verde
Region Calabarzon
Province Batangas
City Batangas City
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Where is the Coral Triangle located?

Facts. The Coral Triangle is a marine area located in the western Pacific Ocean. It includes the waters of Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Papua New Guinea, Timor Leste and Solomon Islands.