Can you recycle a drill?

You know the drill. Throwing away used drills is not the best way to dispose of them. Many power drills can be recycled, but they won’t be picked up by your curbside recycling service. Plus, lithium-ion drill batteries are considered hazardous waste and can’t just be thrown out with the regular trash.

Does Home Depot recycle old drills?

FREE Drill & Battery Recycling. Our zero landfill tool recycling ensures that every piece of material is reprocessed for resuse. Just drop off your old drill and battery at your local Home Depot store and we’ll take care of the rest.

Are electric drills recyclable?

Can I recycle drills, sanders and saws? Yes. If it has a plug, battery or cable it can be recycled and made into useful items such as life-saving equipment, even new tools.

How do I get rid of old tools?

Tools: Goodwill and Salvation Army thrift shops and similar outlets often take used tools. Check yours or go to, a national clearinghouse for all types or recycling, for details in your area.

Are cordless tools recyclable?

The materials found in cordless tool batteries are recyclable. Manufacturers reuse the materials to assist in the manufacture of new products.

What can you do with old drills?

What to Do With an Old Cordless Drill?

  1. New Use Cases to Consider.
  2. Use It for Preparing Food.
  3. Make a Fast Cleaning Device.
  4. Winding Kite String.
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How do I dispose of old cordless drills?

Contact your nearest power tool dealer or service center to see if it will recycle your tool for you. Some companies, including Bosch and Festool, allow consumers to drop off their old power tools at one of their dealers or service centers to be properly disassembled and recycled.